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Bulvių veislė Corina Potato ordering

Very early variety.

Cooking quality type - B. Yellow flesh color

Yield: productive, with uniform tuber size.

Rapid growth.

Growth rate: The dormant period is stable in the first months. Oval, very shallow eyeholes.

Protection against leaf diseases: usual.

Sensitivity to herbicides: usual.

Fertilization recommendations:

Nitrogen fertilization - medium;

Phosphorus - 100 kg / ha;

Potassium - 200–250 kg / ha;

Magnesium - 60 kg / ha.


Bulvių veislė Concordia SOLD OUT

Moderately early variety.

A well-cooking, starchy, high-quality, very productive potato variety. Moderate demands to soil (grows well even in heavy soils), needs moisture.

Concordia produces many medium-sized oval tubers with shallow holes, soft skin and yellow flesh. Resistant to nematodes Ro1 + 4, scab, rust spots. Very resistant to bacterial black rot, excellent storage qualities. Concordia will satisfy your needs not only with a large, stable, high-quality harvest, but also with its great taste. Fertilize this excellent potato variety with N - 160 kg / ha, K2O 200-250kg / ha, P2O5 - 100kg / ha, not forgetting Mg.

Concordia is a leader in yield and quality.


Bulvių veislė Laura Potato ordering

Moderately early variety.

Ware potatoes resistant to all types of potato nematodes, with balanced good taste and high nutritional quality - low in sugar, suitable for the production of potato sticks. Tubers are ovate-oblong, shallow eyeholes, even red skin, yellow flesh. Very productive variety, large number of marketable tubers, good storage qualities.

This variety is crowned as a red queen according to the potato nutritional value.

Most popular of ours!


Bulvių veislė Levantina (vidutinio ankstyvumo) Potato ordering

Early variety.

Excellent quality of consumption, a wide variety of products. High yield with large tubers.

Cooking quality type: B

Tuber shape: oval.

Eyehole depth: shallow.

Skin color: yellow.

Flesh color: yellow.

Growth rate: growing rapidly.

Susceptibility to rot: moderately low.

Mechanical damage: moderately low.

The dormant period while storing is not long.

Requirements for the growing area: requires medium and high-level soil, regulated water and nutrient supply.


Bulvių veislė Vineta SOLD OUT

Early variety.

Very tasty, starchy. Vineta grows well in less fertile, less cultivated soils with less moisture. Resistant to rot (late blight), scab, drought. Heavy yield, round oval tubers and reticulated skin. Good storage qualities. The most popular in Lithuania.


Bulvių veislė Elfe Potato ordering

Early variety.

Delicate taste potato with yellow skin.

Cooking quality type: B.

Tuber shape: oval.

Eyehole depth: shallow.

Skin: very smooth, yellow.

Flesh color: light yellow.

It is best grown in soils of good agricultural condition with an equal supply of water and nutrients.

Mechanical damage: moderate.


Bulvių veislė Malvina Potato ordering

Early variety.

  • Early
  • Uniform tubers
  • Smooth skin and shallow eyeholes
  • Very productive

Cooking quality type: B

Dormant period: good storage qualities.

Consumption quality: stable flesh color; good culinary qualities.

Harvest: One potato sprout growing many tubers.


Tuber properties:

Tuber shape - long-ovate

Eyehole depth - shallow

Flesh color - yellow

Skin color - yellow

Skin - smooth

Number of tubers - plentiful


Damages - moderate

Mechanical damage - moderate


Bulvių veislė Jelly Potato ordering

Late variety.

Very productive, rapid development, large tubers, excellent cooking and nutritional quality (starchy). Suitable for packing, excellent commercial appearance - elongated oval tubers, shallow eyeholes, smooth skin, yellow flesh. Grows in medium yield, cultivated and well-fertilized soil with enough moist. Excellent storage qualities. Became favorite among farmers the fastest. The best in Europe, also recognized by competitors!

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